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During the winter months in 2021, the board members of The Mackerels Baseball Club have been busy in securing a baseball diamond on the Sunshine Coast.
We are extremly pleased to announce that The Mackerels Baseball Club with have the only baseball dedicated diamond located on the Sunshine Coast for our players to utilise throughout the year. This will be the first baseball dedicated diamond on the Sunshine Coast since 2006 and the first brand new diamond built in Queensland since 2004 where Talobilla Park was built for the Redcliffe Dolphins.
With funding from both Sunshine Coast Council and The Queensland State Government through grants, we were able to secure enough funding to build a partial diamond (complete beside 2nd base cut out) and upgrade all of our back netting and dugouts with an access bridge from the main carpark.

The new field will be located at Elizabeth Daniels Field under an agreement with Maroochydore Cricket Club. This is the same field our club has been training at for our first season last year and is an ideal location. You can see below an artists impression of what the field will look like once it is complete.

We would like to take the time to thank our sponsors and supporters in the creation of The Mackerels Baseball Club and we are excited for the future for all involved. A special mention to Gubbi Gubbi Dyungungoo for their continued support in our sport and club.

The Mackerels Field.jpg